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Rising Voices of Indigenous People in Weather and Climate Science Workshop

The challenges of understanding and responding to a changing climate and extreme weather necessitate broad engagement with diverse communities. As climate science has matured, it has moved toward a more inclusive dialogue where scientists and policy makers work together with seasoned indigenous communities to define and carry out research programs that advance science and address community priorities. The National Center for Atmospheric Research is hosting a workshop on the growing engagement of Native American, Alaska Native, and Pacific Island communities in climate and weather science, research, policy, and community response conversations. The workshop will address the question: What are the elements of successful co-production of science and policy in the fields of extreme weather and climate change? The workshop will be conducted in collaboration with the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Working Group (formerly the American Indian/Alaska Native Climate Change Working Group). Participants will be actively involved in cross-cultural scientific engagement with Native American, Alaska Native, and Pacific Island communities and will be from academic institutions, including tribal colleges and universities, as well as government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Travel support is available for a limited number of participants.
  • WORKSHOP VENUE: National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Foothills Laboratory, 3450 Mitchel Lane, Boulder, CO 80307
  • WORKSHOP DATES: July 1-2, 2013
  • APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications are due May 10, 2013. If you are interested in participating in the Rising Voices workshop, please send the following information to Kris Marwitz (Email: or Phone: 303-497-8198) by May 10, 2013:
    • Name, affiliation, email address, mailing address, phone number
    • A paragraph explaining how you have been and are involved in work related to weather or climate issues that engages indigenous communities within the United States
    • If you require financial support to attend the workshop, please include whether you need full or partial support (i.e., if you would be able to pay airfare but not hotel accommodations).

  • Identify lessons learned for, or barriers to, achieving successful co-production of science and policy by appraising the first-hand experiences of those involved in cross-cultural efforts to integrate indigenous knowledge and diverse understandings in climate and weather modeling and assessments;
  • Foster and support collaborations between experts on cross-cultural engagement and NCAR scientists; and
  • Promote student opportunities to work with NCAR scientists.
For further information, please contact Heather Lazrus ( or Bob Gough (  


Please Click here to view a detailed report for the 2013 Rising Voices Workshop.