Our background

The Rising Voices Center for Indigenous and Earth Sciences (Rising Voices) is a network of Indigenous, tribal and community leaders, atmospheric, social, biological and ecological scientists, students, educators and experts from around the world.

At its core, Rising Voices aims to advance science through collaborations that bring Indigenous and Earth sciences into partnership, provides opportunities for Indigenous students and early career scientists through scientific and community mentoring, and supports adaptive and resilient communities through sharing scientific capacity.

Our Background


Consider partnering with Rising Voices to help advance research and action plans that address the extreme weather and climate impact on communities.


The recommendations from the Rising Voices community for developing optimal action plans towards sustainability

Who We Are

Rising Voices aspires to advance science through the collaborations of Indigenous and Earth (atmospheric, social, biological, ecological) sciences, along with an intercultural approach to addressing and understanding extreme weather events.


The network of people engaged in Rising Voices is comprised of Indigenous and other scientific professionals from all around the world.

Mission & Vision

To position Indigenous knowledge systems at the center of Earth science innovation, advancing a diverse collaboration to drive a climate-resilient world.

Tribute to Rising Voices co-founder Bob Gough

A constant source of inspiration for the Rising Voices community.