Introduction to Rising Voices (Video)


The Rising Voices Center for Indigenous and Earth Sciences (Rising Voices), is a network of Indigenous, tribal, and community leaders, atmospheric, social, biological, and ecological scientists, students, educators, and other experts from across the United States and around the world.

The program is co-administered by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/National Center for Atmospheric Research (UCAR|NCAR) and the Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network (LiKEN) in partnership with Haskell Indian Nations University, the Indigenous Peoples’ Climate Change Working Group, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office for Coastal Management.

Mission and Vision 

Our mission is to center Indigenous knowledge systems in the Earth sciences for more innovative responses to extreme weather and climate change.
Our Vision is more diverse and inclusive Earth sciences to drive a climate-resilient and just world.
Rising Voices holds the following values:
  • Remove the boundaries between science and society;
  • Grow a network of collaborators with diverse cultural, community, geographic, and educational backgrounds;
  • Include a diversity of views and opinions, including acknowledging the inherent value of Indigenous knowledge systems and Indigenous science, adaptive practices, and processes;
  • Advocate relational-based, as opposed to extractive or transactional-based, science;
  • Listen, learn, and share between and across cultures and generations;
  • Prioritize relationship-building and developing trust over time; and
  • Respect and awareness of diverse experiences and histories as current relationships and collaborations are shaped by colonial histories. 

Rising Voices Ethics Guidelines

Graphical Representation of Rising Voices' Values:

Graphic RV

Natural Hazards Workshop 2020 Plenary graphic recording summarizing Rising Voices core values and actions. Included with gratitude for and permission from the Natural Hazards Center. @Alece Birnbach, Graphic Recording Studio, 2020