Reports & Publications

View detailed reports and publications from past Rising Voices workshops and activities on specific Indigenous and Earth sciences topics as they relate to climate challenges.

Rising Voices 11 Reports (2023)

Justice-Centered And Emergent Knowledge Through Indigenous And Earth Science Collaborations: A New Special Collection For Community Science (2022) 

  • in Community Science Exchange, American Geophysical Union

Dialogues on Centering Justice in the 5th National Climate Assessment (2022)

Culture change to address climate change: Collaborations with Indigenous and Earth sciences for more just, equitable, and sustainable responses to our climate crisis (2022) 

  • in PLOS Climate

COVID-19 and Climate Change: Understanding Place, History, and Indigenous Sovereignty in Emergency Response (2022)

  • Sapóoq'is Wíit'as Ciarra S. Greene, Lesley Iaukea, Jasmine Neosh, and Hōkūlani Rivera, with Paulette Blanchard, Patrick Freeland, Julie Maldonado, and Michelle Montgomery. (2022). COVID-19 and Climate Change: Understanding Place, History, and Indigenous Sovereignty in Emergency Response. 

Addressing the challenges of climate-driven community-led resettlement and site expansion: Knowledge sharing, storytelling, healing, and collaborative coalition building (2021) 

  • in Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Special Issue

Rising Voices 9 Report (2021)

Bringing Indigenous and Earth Sciences, Knowledges, and Practices Together to Understand and Respond to COVID-19 (2020) 

  • Rising Voices COVID-19 Working Group, published in the Journal of Indigenous Social Development

Indigenous and Earth Sciences Knowledges and Practices in COVID-19

Rising Voices 8 Reports (2020)

Law and Policy on Adaptation and Relocation Meeting, Sep. 2019

A Story of ‘Rising Voices’ and Intercultural Collaboration (2019) 

  • in Practicing Anthropology, Special Issue, Storying Climate Change

Rising Voices 7 Reports (2019)

Rising Voices 5 Report (2017)

The Story of Rising Voices: Facilitating Collaboration between Indigenous and Western Ways of Knowing (2016) 

  • In Responses to Disasters and Climate Change: Understanding Vulnerability and Fostering Resilience

Rising Voices 4 Report (2016)