Rising Voices 11 (2023)

May. 31 to Jun. 2, 2023

9:00 am – 5:00 pm MDT

Hybrid: In person Boulder CO and Virtual
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The theme of the workshop is Understanding the Relationships: People, Place, Technology, the Environment, and Climate Change. How do these relate to each other and to rebuilding and rediscovering relationships?

The dominant go-to response for climate solutions is a technological fix. What if we situate technology within the mindset of not about fixing things, but healing our relatives? What do the relationships between people, place, technology, and the environment mean for climate actions? What do these dynamics mean for issues around power, justice and data sovereignty, and around the differences and intersections of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom? How has the change in technology over time changed how we share our stories and communicate our science? What role does technology play in re-engaging and rebuilding relationships with the natural world and how might we strategize this re-engagement? We can look to past and contemporary examples to understand the future. The “work” part of the workshop is in rebuilding and rediscovering relationships: to the world, to place, to all relatives, to each other.


11th Annual Rising Voices Workshop Report 

Declaration on Relationships and the Wise Use and Applications of Technologies for Climate Actions for Everyone 



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