Annual Workshops

Broad public participation in Rising Voices is welcomed through an annual workshop series. Participants came together from across the nation – including Hawai‘i and Pacific Islands, Alaska, Northwest, Southwest, the Plains, Midwest, Gulf states, and Northeast – for a rich and honest discussion regarding the complex climate change challenges facing Indigenous peoples, current adaptation and mitigation strategies, protection of Indigenous knowledge, sustainable Indigenous practices, and political and institutional barriers.


Past Workshops

Rising Voices 1  2013 Rising Voices of Indigenous People in Weather and Climate Science Workshop
Rising Voices 2  2014 Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability:Bringing Together Science and Indigenous Ways of Knowing to
Create Positive Solutions
Rising Voices 3  2015 Learning and Doing: Education and Adaptation through Diverse Ways of Knowing
Rising Voices 4  2016  Storytelling for Solutions
Rising Voices 5  2017 Pathways from Science to Action
Rising Voices 6  2018 Rising Together: Mobilizing Learning from Local Actions
Rising Voices 7  2019

Converging Voices:Building relationships and practices for Intercultural Science

Rising Voices Workshop Participants